You definitely want to know why you have to play on the Poker88idr site, which you don’t necessarily know, right? Maybe some people who don’t update won’t know about Poker88idr. Because this site is famous in 2020 . This is because this site has a lot of things that will make you want to just play here.

Maybe those of you who are not updated and don’t know about Poker88idr will underestimate it. But you definitely don’t know what amazing things this poker site can offer you. So that you are not mistaken and want to find out, please read the information below.

The greatness of the famous Poker88idr site in Indonesia

It turns out that there are many reasons given by Poker88idr why they are so famous in 2020. The main thing is the various benefits that you will get when playing on the site. The benefits provided in fact exceed what other sites have provided. Want to know what are the benefits? Let’s take a look at the various greatest benefits of which is currently famous as follows:

Free Credit Deposit

Where there are other online poker sites that provide the goodness of Credit Deposit without any deductions. Usually at other sites have a discount of 10% to 15% of the transferred credit. Well, if at Poker88idr every balance transferred will not be deducted. If you transfer 10 thousand, you will also get 10 thousand of the balance in your account.

The site provides Telkomsel credit and XL credit which you can deposit without going offline. You can deposit using both types of credit for 24 hours.

9 Games in 1 User ID

Seriously, can you play 9 games in just 1 user id? Other sites implement a system of 1 user id can only play in 1 game. But at Poker88idr, only 1 user id, you can play all the 9 newest games you have.

The games given are like Poker, BandarQ, Domino99, Capsa Susun, Bandar66, Sakong, Baccarat War, AduQ, and Bandar Poker. All these games are very popular among gambling players in Indonesia. This is also one that brings the desire of gambling players who turn to this extraordinary site.

More Beneficial Member Bonus

Poker88idr provides various bonuses that will spoil you loyal players from the site. After you finish registering and playing there, you will be given turnover and referral bonus benefits. A turnover bonus of 0.5% will be distributed every day to every active user id. Meanwhile, the Referral Bonus will be distributed automatically when your downline plays.

Maybe for you 0.5% is very small, but did you know that other sites only give a maximum of 0.3%. Of course, it’s like heaven and earth with Poker88idr which is currently famous.

Can Register Using a Virtual Bank

One of the most interesting things is that you can use virtual banks such as Ovo, Dana, LinkAja, Go Pay to register. When you make a money withdrawal, the money will be immediately transferred to your virtual bank as well. So why have a virtual bank but it’s not used, you better use it by playing at Poker88idr.

Poker88idr Information Conclusion

You must already know the reasons why you should play on the Poker88idr site which is popular today. The best benefits provided turn out to be that reason. Those of you who have played on other poker sites will know the difference. Because nothing is as good as that site than any other site out there.

For those of you who want to find out more about this one site, please go directly to that site. You will get more Poker88idr information by asking the Customer Service who is there. They will always reply to all your questions friendly and fast.

Actually the information we provide can be said to inform you about a site that is currently famous. Thank you for reading this information, always wait for our next update.

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